Garlic Mustard Pulls at New Salem

Why do we pull garlic mustard?

Each garlic mustard plant grows pods called siliques and each plant produces on average 22 siliques, each silique containing as many as 28 seeds. That is over 600 seeds on an average per plant, with some particularly robust plants producing almost 8,000 seeds. That’s why it is so important to remove the plant before it sets seed.

garlic mustard plants
There are at least 50 plants in this photo. 50 x 22 x 28 = over 30,000 potential seeds !!

garlic mustard
Volunteers of all ages and experience levels are welcome to help out.
garlic mustard
Even youngsters are a big help and they have an opportunity to be outside while learning a valuable lesson.
volunteers posing with some of the garlic mustard pulled
It’s important to bag and haul garlic mustard away and dispose of it in a manner that prevents it from going to seed and spreading.
volunteers posing with a pile of garlic mustard
Many hands make light(er) work! This spring volunteers worked approximately 70 volunteer hours over 4 work days and filled 68 bags!
gray tree frog
You never know who you may meet when you’re in the forest. This gray tree frog delighted everyone, especially the young ones.
PORTA Key Club
PORTA Key Club members filled 11 bags with garlic mustard. Thank you!!