Board of Directors

Menard County Trails & Greenways is a board-driven non-for-profit, with no paid staff. The Board currently consists of 12 members elected by the membership. Board terms are 2 years, with elections occurring at the Annual Meeting in July.

The board normally meets on the 2nd Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September and November. The July meeting is concurrent with the Annual Membership meeting and board director elections.

The current Board directors include:

        • Terri Treacy, President (FY21)
        • Jennifer Satorius, Vice President (FY21)
        • Libby Shawgo, Secretary (FY21)
        • Karen Erchinger, Treasurer (FY21)
        • Jason DeBoer (FY22)
        • Lars Hillesheim (FY21)
        • Kent Massie (FY21)
        • Douglas Pope (FY22)
        • Dan Robertson (FY21)
        • Chris Rudin (FY21)
        • Guy Sternberg (FY21)
        • Doug VanAtten (FY22)

        Board terms run for two years, with a limit of 3 consecutive terms. Dates in parenthesis indicate the year (fiscal) the board member was first elected.