Lincoln Highway Bike Route

Bicycling Menard County backroads can be fun and rewarding. You can take in pleasant rural scenery and often spot some interesting wildlife.  My personal preference when riding country roads is to avoid state highways and even county highways, and stick to the more rural road district-maintained roads.  I also gravitate towards the northern and western side of the county as it seems the vehicle traffic is lowest in these areas.

Many Central Illinois roads are laid out in a grid fashion following section and township lines.  Occasionally, roads still exist that do not follow the boring N-S, E-W grid. These are often the oldest roads, and have stretches that follow old wagon trails used by early settlers. Some of these old wagon trails likely even follow trails that were used by native American inhabitants prior to the arrival of settlers of European descent.  “Crooked” roads in Menard County that fit this description include the Lincoln Trail in northern Menard County, and Peoria Road in the eastern part of the county. Continue reading “Lincoln Highway Bike Route”

Bike Menard County

During this time of uncertainty and crisis, many of us are feeling anxious and maybe a bit stir crazy. Most of us are spending way more time than usual watching television or pursuing other sedentary activities. Gyms are closed, yoga studios have gone dark, and not everyone has a dog to take on endless walks.

Fear not. Cycling is the cure for what ails you. There is no greater feeling of freedom than riding a bicycle down a country road on a warm, sunny day. Fortunately, solo biking is not only still allowed but encouraged. Those who are quarantined together can bike together as well. Bike shops are considered essential services and are still open in Illinois. Continue reading “Bike Menard County”