Let Our Voices Be Heard — Build a Dedicated Hike & Bike Path Linking New Salem Historic Site with Petersburg

For years Trails & Greenways has advocated for a safe hike / bike path linking New Salem State Historic Site with Petersburg. The time has arrived to ensure this goal is finally realized.

Next Tuesday, June 21 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at PORTA high school, the Illinois Department of Transportation will be hosting an open house public meeting about roadway improvements to IL 97 and IL 123 from New Salem through Petersburg.

The meeting will provide exhibits and maps  for viewing, and  IDOT representatives and consultants from the engineering firm of Thouvenot, Wade and Moerchen will be available to answer questions and gather public input about the project. 

It’s important that we show strong public support for a hike / bike path along Rte. 97. Please attend the public information meeting, and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to attend as well.

example crosswalkTrails & Greenways also advocates of a more walkable Petersburg.  We urge the  installation of two pedestrian right-of-way crosswalks along Rte. 97 at Douglas and Jackson Streets (main E/W streets downtown that cross Rte. 97). Having traffic stop for pedestrians in crosswalks will make walking in downtown Petersburg safer and more enjoyable for residents and visitors.

7 Replies to “Let Our Voices Be Heard — Build a Dedicated Hike & Bike Path Linking New Salem Historic Site with Petersburg”

  1. Yes we are all for walking/bike path between Petersburg and New Salem!! Should have been done a long time ago.
    Also, getting across Rt. 97 is almost always a challenge. So dangerous! All for traffic lights!!! I have witnessed people almost getting hit on numerous occasions.

    1. Thanks for your support, Cathy. I hope you can attend the open house to express your opinion.
      Regarding the pedestrian cross-walks, what Trails & Greenways is asking for are not traffic lights, but cross-walks that require traffic to stop for pedestrians. I’ve been to many towns and cities where they exist and they were very well for both vehicles and pedestrians. If there are no pedestrians, then traffic does not have to stop to wait for a light. But, if pedestrians are present they have the right-of-way.

  2. I heartily support a hike/bike path linking New Salem and Petersburg.
    I also encourage installing pedestrian crosswalks. Thanks to Menard County Trailways and Greenways for working towards a safer and more beautifully accessible Petersburg.

    1. Thanks, Connie!
      I hope you are able to attend the open house on Tuesday to record your opinion. We are hearing a lot of support for a path–IDOT needs to hear it as well.

  3. Me personally I have lived in Petersburg almost my whole life, and New Salem and Petersburg almost seems like 2 completely separate attractions, not being jointly connected in any way, New Salem takes on the impressions of a historical site that’s close to us, not apart of us. The Bike path will connect the community and I support it completely. Not only just that but being in cross country for so long, there are normally a lack of different places we can run without being on the side of a highway or a spot where there isn’t a sidewalk, I feel like adding a place that is off the road and still allows for the community to utilize it is a very good idea. Especially because of how big cross country has been in PORTA’s athletic success in the past 30 years!

  4. Thank you, Parker!
    Your comments are perfect – I hope you’re able attend the open house on Tuesday to express them in writing to IDOT.

  5. I am much in favor for this. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend tonights meeting. Will this be recorded for viewing at a later time?

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