Stay in Place in Your Yard and Garden

Two weeks ago we suggested several Earth Day stay-in-place activities you can do while observing physical distancing. Last week we covered the first suggestion on the list, to plant something– flowers, veggies or a tree, with the post  If something is not eating your plants, then your garden is not part of the ecosystem!  In that post, Alana explained how important it is to plant native species that support the pollinators and other critters that form the balance of nature we all depend on.

On that note, the Native Plant Conservation Campaign has made available Douglas Tallamy’s video presentation of his latest book, Nature’s Best Hope. Tallamy is a leader in advancing our understanding of how individual homeowners can help local wildlife, support vital ecosystem services such a water purification, and fight climate change all by gardening with beautiful local natives!  

We hope the video gives you inspiration as you plan your post-Covid-19 garden and landscaping projects! Enjoy! And, share! 

Nature’s Best Hope with Doug Tallamy 3-3-2020 from NCTV 79 on Vimeo.