Discover the Nature and History of Menard County

Menard County Trails & Greenways promotes the development and use of a network of land and water trails that connect people to natural and cultural resources, encourages recreation, and advances the conservation of the county’s unique natural and cultural resources for the benefit of all.

Trails provide recreational opportunities that enhance the quality of life. People of all ages and interests use trail systems for scenic driving, strolling, hiking, running, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, etc.

Greenways are corridors of land and water that are valuable for their natural qualities and opportunities for human recreational use. Greenways can be high quality natural areas in need of protection to degraded areas that need to be rehabilitated.

Trails and Greenways benefit our health, our environment and our local economy.

Check out Ways to Discovery! where we’ll be adding places to hike, bike, and visit in around Menard County.