CANCELLED–National Trails Day Hike at New Salem: Explore, Learn, and Connect

We will reschedule this hike for later in the summer.

Plan now to join us for a hike in celebration of National Trails Day — June 1st!

National Trails Day offers a splendid chance to revel in nature’s splendor and emphasize the significance of safeguarding our trails and natural areas for future generations. Join us on June 1st for an immersive guided hike along the Cardinal Ridge Trail, which will include an off-trail detour to explore areas of the forest previously inaccessible due to the dense understory of bush honeysuckle. This detour promises not only previously unseen vistas but also an up-close look at the ongoing habitat restoration project, offering invaluable insights into conservation efforts.  Note: We won’t go far off-trail, and the terrain will not be strenuous, but it will require a little extra caution and awareness. And, of course, if you are not comfortable traversing the woods off-trail, you can stay back and wait for the group to return.

For those planning to attend, it’s imperative to dress suitably for the weather, don sturdy and supportive footwear, and remember to bring an ample supply of drinking water to stay hydrated throughout the excursion. Following the hike, Trails & Greenways will treat participants to a delightful lunch cookout at the scenic picnic pavilion by the river.

This isn’t just a hike; it’s an opportunity to connect with nature, to foster community among trail enthusiasts, and to champion environmental stewardship. Don’t miss out – join us for the National Trails Day Hike to explore, learn and connect.

For planning purposes,  your RSVP to this free event is greatly appreciated!

American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day is  celebrated on the first Saturday in June of each year. This event aims to bring together all trail enthusiasts, young and old, while honoring those who help maintain and preserve hiking trails for everyone to enjoy.